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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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through it, which is what we did in our neighborhood to see what parts were about columbus after and that's where we saw that they had these impacts that were extremely negative and had no suggestions for mitigation. i found that to be very interesting to look at and i would request they look at it and we do also. you know, we could pull out the parts that are relevant because it's citywide, but it pretty much goes through every commercial corridor that's projected to have changes. >> commissioner riley. >> yes, i want to follow what commissioner dooley was talking about. i said that we need to see the six items prior to the meeting so we can identify areas of concern, and i also think that mta needs to see all of that as well so they can identify areas that are contradicting or
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impacting each others's plan and they can come prepared toens d answer some of the questions. i think that would be more productive. >> director. >> i was going to have more follow up questions but i'll let commissioners go. >> commissioner ortiz. >> maybe something they can provide in the parking plans [inaudible] the data on their vacancies so we can get a grasp of all the parking facilities across the city. checking their occupancy levels and maybe we could devise something with sfmta and small business merchants to see how we can fill them up or if we need more ma /tpa 'til says
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facilities in the city. >> i think one thing we need more is public signage for our public parking lots. we have one that's sort of in between north beach and china town and it's not heavily using and there's no signage for people coming in and we want to encourage everyone to use these parking lots. >> there's signage on kearney street i think showing how many vacancies. >> right, but it would be nice to have some signs that say public parking garage with a sign. >> we have the new ones so i know the ones you're talking about. it's interesting, there is no big sign -- that's the one where northern state now is central police station is. right, there's no sign for that one. there's signs for all the
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other ones around there but no sign for that one. >> we need to double check on all and make sure they all have parking. it would be helpful on major corridors like columbus or broad way in that neighborhood -- a sign that says public parking garage that way. >> that garage several years ago when i was in the parking industry, it always had vacancy high. >> right. same thing -- we want to bring up using that garage, nighttime traffic and with people looking for parking it's very high in that area, especially on weekends. i would love to talk to mta about, you know, extending their hours on weekend nights when neighborhoods are mobbed with people going to restaurants and bars and nightclubs. you don't have that closed and empty.
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it just seems like it's kind of anti all our policies. get those cars off the street and that'd be something i'd like to talk to them about. >> do you think there is any value to to -- i was just thinking as the job squad was here doing a presentation, you know, of informing the sfmta that especially for businesses in our neighborhood, commercial /-rbl districts, they're talking about the quality of life on the street, but also if there's a crack on the sidewalk the city comes to them to repair this crack in the sidewalk. in there's graffiti then the city comes to them for that. we're now having a special fee on your register. there's paid sick leave, healthcare, security ordinance. there's so much that we as a city are laying on businesses and so for them to kind of
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understand that landscape so that when that comes in -- for them to understand that businesses see the sfmta as part of the entire city and not just its separate entity. it's seeing as one other thing you're doing that may impede my ability to get income, but i have to pay, but you're requiring me to pay to help keep sidewalks maintained, to pay -- there's so much that we're asking businesses to pay into the city. i just wanted to know if you think there's any value to -- it doesn't necessarily have to be at the
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hearing, but a way to present to the sfmta to answer the landscape of which our businesses primarily in our neighborhood, commercial district and the businesses along the commercial corridors have to deal with in interface with the city, so when one more thing comes there may be other stuff behind their response and why that may be. >> i think that's a good idea. also address the frustration that small businesses have when all these infrastructure projects that mta is pushing forward on and, as you say, then all of us are paying all these extra fees and then we feel like mta's -- we don't have any recourse to discuss things with them.
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>> do we need to take public comment on this? >> we do. >> any members of the public who would like to comment on item number seven. seeing that public comment is closed. >> i think what i'd like to do is -- christian can work with this and massage it and present to the outreach committee sort of maybe a little bit more of a -- put it together a little more into a tighter package and then come back for the next commission meeting in november with something that you can affirm, that you would like to sends over to the sfmta board. >> do we have a date? >> november 18 and i was going to do that during my presidential part. >> that's for the joint committee? >> no. for november's commission meeting. >> you're hoping to have that
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[inaudible] meeting before the end of the year? >> second week, our first meeting in december, which would be the second monday of the month. okay, next item. >> our next item is item eight, director's report. this is a discussion item. >> commissioners, you have in your binder the director's report. jane sent out to your the dashboard, our quarterly dashboard and so wanted to just bring to your attention that we have seen a reduction in our client services, so in consultation with christian and martha and jane, i think some of the things we can attribute to this is the job squad has
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been out and are facilitating the needs and responses that are assistance to businesses that they come contact that may have been referred to our office. we need to now go and serve cross reference entities that have contacted through our office license 1, 2, 3, if they've got to our website and on to that, so in that respect license 1, 2, 3 facilitated their need to get assistance in our office. also, there's been a decrease in unemployment or an increase in employment so many individuals that we saw, especially during the height of the economic downturn, people trying things on their own, so if there are more individuals
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who are employed may be less likely to pursue other avenues for income. this is the first quarter we've seen a decrease so i will go through and go back and do some more cross checking with the percentages of decrease. are they existed businesses, is it more in our start up businesses and things of that sort so we'll have that report for you next month. >> that's overall /tkeu decrease of 11 percent? >> it's a decrease overall of 3 percent. >> it's summertime too. >> so the healthcare security ordinance, accessible parking
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affordable care act has two meetings left and these meetings will be we are still waiting for some file determinations. the city is still waiting for some final determinations we have around the mra and other items that, from the federal government so we hope that we will have those definitive answers in this timeframe that the council needs to make some recommendations to the mayor. >> i'm hearing good things about the california on line. you hear the national stuff with issues, the california -- covered california is actually working quite well. i know several people are gone on it, mixed results as far as, like, costs on people. i know some people whose healthcare costs went down and
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i know a handsful of people whose healthcare costs went up. we have a mix, but as far as, like, accessibility and everything, i've heard no issues with that. >> well, that's good, that's good to hear. and then the online business portal next week will be going before the budget and finance committee to release the funds to start working with to work with contractors to help us develop the portal. osb, we have developed an integrated intake form if somebody comes through the website and wants assistance so when they fill out the form it triggers us that there's a new prospect. >> it's called a prospect and we can contact them and follow up with a detailed case.
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>> the same thing with the counter, people now enter in their information and it goes directly into sales force so this should cut down on our time in doing sort of the dual, whether everything before was written on a piece of paper and entered in later. we have that ahead of us. then the [inaudible] resolution you heard at the last meeting was approved by the board of supervisors last tuesday. i'm working on fine alizing our agreement, but there's some special considerations we need to work on with them, but we're just about complete in finalizing our agreement so we'll have a unique agreement with them, and then we can work on identifying our first three borrowers that we'll have as a
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trustee. i provided you with a list of presentations and workshops that we will be -- the staff is going to be engaged with in november. we do have the launch of small business shops mall banners are up. i don't know if you've seen any yet as sort of the lead up to small business saturday, but we have also started working to promote small business saturday as well and kicking off that campaign. we talked about the joint hearing with sfmta board. i wanted to highlight in the dashboard one of the things we are particularly proud of is the business of [inaudible]. came to our office in 2010 and
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we connected them with la cacina and the opportunity fund. they started out with just a cart in justin her man plaza and now they have a store front. they're going to be opening their second store front. they're not a recipient of the revolving loan fund and they have plans in which they want to franchise. anyway, they're one of our -- i wanted to bring to your attention -- one of the businesses we've helped that's taking off and started out from a food cart, you know. that concludes my report. >> thank you. >> next item please. >> i'm number nine, the president's report, this is a discussion item. >> in november we only have one meeting on november 18, a 2
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o'clock meeting. i decided since we have veteran's day on the 11th and thanks giving is at the end of the month i figured one meeting next month because i didn't think you guys wanted to meet two weeks in a row so if everybody's fine with that we'll hold on to that /skel /skwraoud. schedule. other than that i don't have anything else to report. >> thank you mr. president, that takes us to item ten, vice president's report. >> yes, i just attended the san francisco chambers neighborhood summit. that was really nice to have the supervisor come out and to have different departments in the city to come out to talk to some of the small business on the corridor. it was a morning meeting and had a great turn out. >> great, thank you. next item please.
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>> item eleven, commissioner reports. >> commissioner dooley. >> i had the job squad come out to the north beach business association and gave an ada presentation. fortunately it wasn't really well attended, but i want to put it out there that it was very well prepared and those that came got a lot of information. also attended the council district merchant's meeting on the 15th. great, commissioner riley. >> i was invited by the chinese tv station to talk about small business commission so i already have some information available so i went -- it was a half hour program and i also introduced our public how to start a business in san francisco, the chinese version. regina, you might be getting a lot of phone calls requesting for [inaudible]. >> great, any other commissioner reports?
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>> next item please. >> we have item number 12, general public comment. >> we have any members of the public who would like to make comment on anything in any future meetings? >> feel free, welcome. >> thank you [inaudible] and vice chair of the california commission on the disabled access. i don't know, did you talk regina, about -- >> that was an item already addressed today. >> we're really trying to reach out to the small business community around the state and get more recognition of our commission and what we're trying to do. you're going to be talking about the recommendations that came out around the disabled placards and -- >> yes. >> we'll be working on that also. >> we talked about that and approved that already so thank you for your work on that. >> any other members of the public? seeing none, next item.
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>> takes us to item number 13, new business. >> any new business? seeing none, next item. >> item 14, adjournment, this is an action item. >> do we have a motion to adjourn. >> i move. >> all in favor, i. meeting over. listen, your story line, it makes for incredible tv drama. thing is, your drug use is too adult for the kids, so i'm going to have to block you. oh, man.
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yeah. [inhales] well, have a good one. you're a nice lady. >> do you know know your greg giving hurts from your wifi you may think that computers are kufz but when you know what you
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need it gets easier. a computer is made up of many different parts and each part as a specific job the k public works u is the brains of the compute. it's where all the work is done. current computers have multiple coarse it means it has multiple k public works ushthss working together as one. it hold all the information in the ram or hard or hard drive. it's the short time working memory for the computer interest it stores information while the computer is on >> the k f u is banning information backyard between the ram and the faster your programs are going to be run. if the hard drive can be cared
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the long-term america and you, store documents and movies >> the internal hard drives allow you to expand the hard drives. once you get on line with your expenditure it rewards or requires wifi and it allows you to connect without wiser the internet you have to have wiersz. the touch pad is how you send messages to the computer. the part of the computer is the o s is the operating systems. there are multiple operating systems available bus the most importantly is making astonish and windows. the major dividends can be
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boiled down to purchase. and making astonish is the programs you'll notice when you go do into the story e store they're more expensive they have you video editing and puc's towards office use and gaming things like that >> all those exponent are what you said into 3 general models the desktop the laptop and the tablet. the desktop is the home computer that you are desktops are good because their lower costs the downside once set up they can't go anywhere >> it's not something you're going to move around the other consideration is the screen side are you can have a larger
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laptop. a laptop is a potential computer and all the exponents are combined in a smaller passage. the laptop you can take to school and it's mobile. >> the laptop can travel with you but you should carefully consider how much travel you're going to do. >> the laptop are heavy they can have higher revolution if you want something small and a light hallway the table is new thank you it's lighter and has longer battery life. >> tablets are powerful but their abilities are more limited than the laptop and their nor for the internet or watching
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videos and laptops over word progressing and typing documents and using spreadsheets things like that. >> to figure out what expenditure is a good fit for you, you need to plan on what you want to do. >> there's a lot of things like e-mail and skype and being on facebook in fact, by you see seniors who are creating websites and doing graft design and having photograph. >> what programs will you be using or are you a casual suffer would you like to take it with you around town. >> it's great typing short e-mails by nothing extensive on a be tabltd. >> i need to be able to buy a
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good all around desk for $400 but if you very specific he needs the cost can go up. you want 2 gig hurts and at least 4 gigs of ram. those store your videos and documents. if you're looking for a laptop try them out in the store as they have any touch pads >> there are different types of of mouse's and there's voice activation. >> once you have an idea of what you need be sure to shop aaron and compare on line and look at the mustards website for refurnished computers that come with a warrant.
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and they offer computers for much, much less. purchasing a computer should not be securey you can slejtd/select a system that can get you > >>. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm with sfgovtv i'm here to discuss prop a that will be before the voters in tuesday >> the health care truth fund was for health care correspondents that would substantially there. the 5 member board passed the
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fund they mate not use the fund to pay for the costs until january 20, 0200. preparing will allow the bodies to make payments from the fund only as the cities account balances to fully funded it has to be large enough to pay for the costs as they're due and thus, the cities total payroll costs can't go over 10 percent. they must allow the payment and they're limited to no more than 10 percent of the cities account or the governor and the trust board passed it. they would allow only if the agrees fund account or
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two-thirds of the agencies funding board and the trust board productive. a yes vote means you want to change the charter from the health care trust funneled only under specified circumstances a no vote i don't want to make those changes. i'm here with supervisor marking feral and he proponent of preparing >> thanks. having me. i'd like to start with supervisor farrell why do you believe this prop a is important >> i started working on this when our city controller said we have a 4.4 blindfolds liability. number one we have retirees who worked long and a hard tossed the city of san francisco and
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workers that are feasor full. that's something we want to avoid and fight against we want to make sure that our seniors have their health care that were second of all the costs for our city a hundreds of thousands of dollars. this year as chairman of our committee b it will grow to $500 million a year over the next 20 years were so preparing prop a does make sure that our cities retirees and their health care is priority for in the further. in thirty years our 4 half a billion dollars liability will be wiped-out off the books and we'll save a lot of money from 5 hundred memorial day's a year down and those hundreds of dollars of million dollars dollar


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